I successfully uploaded my receipt and the site says that it was rejected. What went wrong?

Sasha V. -

There are multiple reasons why your receipt can be rejected. For example, the image not being clear enough to read. The good news is that you can resubmit and try again! After signing in to your account on Huggies.com or on the Huggies Rewards app and visit your Rewards History page. Scroll to the receipt listed as “Rejected.” Tap on Rejected and you will be shown the reason as to why. Tap Submit a Receipt button next to the rejection reason to begin the upload process again.

Please note that if you purchased a participating Huggies Product from a retailer where you have linked your loyalty card, you will not receive points for submitting receipts from that retailer. To read more about Loyalty Card Linking, click here. Loyalty Card Linking is only available for participating retailers in the US.

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