I am unable to order from the catalog. What should I do?

Sasha V. -

If you are using Huggies.com, please verify that you are using a device and browser compatible with our Huggies Website. Click here for system requirements. If your device and browser is compatible, please make sure all required fields are entered in your Profile. The next thing you will want to do is completely sign out of the site, close your browser and then delete cookies and clear cache. When this is done, re-open your browser, sign back in and try ordering again. Some of our catalog Rewards are limited to one per member. Please ensure you are not trying to order an item that has a limit which you have already ordered. Finally, please make sure you have enough remaining points to order the Reward.

For additional help, download this PDF.

If you are still having trouble, please contact us by visiting our helpdesk or emailing us at support@huggiesrewards.zendesk.com.

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