I redeemed for a Reward in the Rewards Catalog and haven't received a confirmation email yet. What do I do?

Sasha V. -

Emailed Rewards are sent within 24 hours. Please check your inbox. If you are not seeing the email, please check your spam/junk folders or check your Promotion/Social inbox.

Postal mailed Rewards can take 6-8 weeks for verification and shipment. In some instances, it may take up to 10 weeks. (Huggies Products Rewards take up to 4 weeks). If you have waited the allotted time and still have not received your prize, then please contact us by visiting our helpdesk or emailing us at support@huggiesrewards.zendesk.com and we will gladly look into it for you. Make sure to include details such as the date you received your order email confirmation and the Reward. Also, make sure to let us know the address where the Reward was supposed to be shipped to, so we can verify that information.

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